Interior trim

Moldings add a luxurious element to any home design. The finishing touch that makes a space feel elegant. Tim White Home Improvement offers all types of trim and interior finishes. Check out some options below!

Types of Trim

The most common types of interior trim are chair rails, wainscoting and raised panel molding on walls, casings around windows, baseboards where the walls meet the floor and crown moldings where the walls meet the ceiling.

new crown molding for the home

Crown Molding

Crown molding is the most popular type of molding and can be used in more ways than you can imagine. The most known way to use crown molding is at the top of the wall where the wall and ceiling meet; however what you may not know is crown molding can also be used in a number of decorative ways you can install it atop kitchen cabinets or armoires to create added details, frame a fireplace creating an overmantel, add decorative shelves and so much more.  Crown molding is an amazing way to transform a room and is my personal favorite type of molding.

chair railing molding for the home

Chair Rail Molding

Chair rail, also known is a linear molding that is usually installed at 1/3 of the wall’s total height and creates a divide on the wall. Generally chair rail is installed on the wall at a height of 36″. Chair Rail serves a functional purpose as it keeps doorknobs and chairs and most furniture from bumping and scratching the wall.  In addition, people use chair rail for decorative purposes; chair rail can be used alone or in conjunction with wallpaper, wainscoting or paneling.

new panel molding for the home

Panel Molding

Panel molding is traditionally used to create a panel effect often seen on internal doors or used to create shadow box wainscoting; however it can also provide a finishing touch to walls and furniture.

new base molding installation for the home

Base Molding

Base molding is used where the floor and walls meet. Baseboard molding is essentially in every room of your home it forms a visual foundation adding character to a room and is often used to fill the gap if the walls are slightly uneven.  In addition, base molding functionally protects the walls.

casing installations for the home


Casing is used to trim interior and exterior door and window openings; casing is also used at the baseboard where the wall and floor meet. In addition, casing can be used to “frame” other types of wall fixtures including fireplace mantels and overmantels as well as other miscellaneous openings.